About Carlos Martinez, Jr.

With a loyal following from a diverse client base, Carlos has a high respect for his craft and a never ending quest to become a better artist that provides a unique experience for his clientele during each visit.

Southern raised in Texas, Carlos was actually born in Greenwich Village, NY- and is a true self-taught artist in several mediums.

Carlos Martinez, Jr.

After obtaining his Professional Tattoo Certification in 2005 and gaining invaluable experience in well run shops in NJ, Carlos moved back to Houston with his wife, Angela and opened up Artcage Tattoo Studio in 2012 and has been refining his skills ever since.

Carlos loves the opportunity to create custom collaborations with his clients in a number of styles, including Realism, Japanese, Illustrative and American Traditional. Carlos creates tattoos of all shapes and sizes, he has a devoted following of clients with full backpieces to single one session tattoos.

In addition to creating incredible tattoo artwork, Carlos also does pencil work- creating unique prints, logos for different businesses and record album cover artwork. His other interests include collecting vinyl records and a love for classic cars and dogs.